Stylezza E-Shop is the platform that gathers around amazing fashion designers from all over the world. This is what makes this platform so special ! We give credit to different designers, from different regions on the globe to express their creativity and vision into one platform.

This makes the delivery policy also a little bit special. We want to maintain a correct delivery and this is made from the designers store or workshop directly to you. We try to do this as quickly as the designer permits. You have to read carefully the product description and see the delivery time (if the designer needs more time for production or is on pre order etc). You need to take into consideration also the region from which the product is delivered to you as, depending on the region, the time may also vary.

There are two ways :

Standard (3-5 delivery days)  & Express (1-2 delivery days)

These are the prices fixed on an estimated calculation. The delivery is calculated by our Transport integrator who tries to find for you the cheapest and fastes way for the product to get to you.

It is always recommended to talk to us in order to have a more human approach.