Anca Irina Lefter

ANCA IRINA LEFTER is a romantic visionary with an extra bit of madness among the ones in her generation. After working in the banking and sales industry and studying “Business Management”, she came back to her first love, ART. Member of “The Romanian Fine Arts Union”, she discovered a new passion, fashion design, studying at “The European Institute of Design” in Barcelona, Accessory Design Section. She studied leather design and processing at ,,The European Institute of Design” in Florence and at “Santa Croce – The Leather School in Florence”, where she learned the 600 years old secrets of the Italian leather artists and where she improved her skills in sewing and picking the right type of leather. Now, she has her own workshop, filled with talented craftsmen, who have over 25 years of experience in working with leather and who share their ideas in order to create a true unique style and a delightful finishing touch.

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