Siro Cashmere

Heidi worked for the FIA (Fashion Industry of Australia) to organize the Annual Designer Fashion Awards Event hosted by Clive James. Back in the UK she enrolled at college to study fashion retail, buying, and merchandising, followed by 2 years working for designer couture collections (Louis Feraud and Nino Cerruti). She then created her own consultancy as a ‘Lifestyle Beauty Coach’ beginning in London and then reintroducing it again 8 years later  on the French Riviera. Heidi recently launched her own luxury brand - SIRO cashmere - a capsule collection of luxury 85% silk & 15% cashmere tee-shirts. The collection is designed in Monte-Carlo, produced using 100%, Loro Piana yarn, and is inspired by the colors of the French Riviera. A capsule collection of luxury silk/cashmere ladies t-shirts. Produced in Italy using 100% Loro Piana yarn.  Each one has a message of love stitched inside to whisper to you each time you wear your SIRO cashmere. Your SIRO t-shirt is super light and soft, it’s luxurious yet practical, comfortable & so simple yet chic, a staple in your wardrobe – your go-to reliable ‘best friend’- your ‘Luxury Basic’.The Riviera colour palette –  ‘sand’ like the Pampalonne beach in St Tropez, ‘teal’ like the azur blue of the Mediterranean Sea, burnt orange and coral red like the facade of the fishing villages…colours that trigger memories and emotions of those days and nights on the French Riviera. A simple cashmere t-shirt that takes you anywhere and everywhere… yoga class to kids drop off, to your workplace, a business lunch, a cocktail reception, dinner with your lover or party with friends!!! Choose your colour for the day, pop one in your bag for an easy change, add glamorous accessories for extra evening sparkle.