Vida Lohka

Vicky Mistretta is an Argentine designer from Buenos Aires, living in France for many years. Coming from a family of artists, curious about everything, she practiced different activities and lived in different cities. An eclectic journey in the image of her native warm and multifaceted country. Vicky creates jewelery and accessories in small series, while emphasizing the art of upcycling for unique pieces. His daughter Lara Mistretta, actress, model and photographer, joined her in the adventure in 2014, and illustrates the first bags with her photos and her particular calligraphy. Their first collection of reversible totes-bags was born. With a tag in recycled leather that delivers a message of freedom "Ni santa, nor puta, sólo mujer" (neither saint nor whore, only woman). Each piece is made with care in their workshop in Nice, France.

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