Yves Anais

"I was looking for “the YA bag” to be different, unique, alive, in harmony with the human personality. That’s how I chose wood. We can call it “human’s best friend,” and it accompanies us during our whole life. Each of us  is unique, we live differently. We are part of nature,  coming from the infinite universe, we are energy. With a sturdy structure and a distinct natural finish, I’ve created an inspirational, intriguing object  by its simple beauty, emphasising each time the natural fibre of the wood, the finesse, the hardness, the warmth that vibrates with us. The Yves Anais concept speaks of character and attitude, finding a form of expression through the rough nature of wood. The collection takes the human dimension into the sphere of nature that evokes its force. Just like the wood that gains beauty with the passage of time, human personality refines itself with time, gaining value and mystery. Each YA bag carries a name with a personalised inspiration from the symbolism of the wood from which it was created." The bags are handcrafted from pure wood and a lot of love.

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