The creative mind behind Iutta is Nicoleta Chirica, founder and designer of the brand, whose inspiration comes from folklore and ancestral heritage, translated through design into a universal concept. Nicoleta designs two mainline handbag collections each year, as well as shoes, luggage and small leather goods and a capsule collection, consisting of a few item that are notably timeless in their design and construction. ”Every design has a story and is a manifest for redescovering our roots and understanding our true origins.” Iutta is an iconic contemporary women’s handbags, shoes and accessories brand with a signature folk design. All our creations are inspired from our heritage and core beliefs that are translated through a personal touch into exclusive collections. At Iutta, every new line is approached with the same level of commitment to craftsmanship and innovative design that is synonymous with the fashion brand’s vision. The leather products which reinterpret stylish symbols have became a trademark in the fashion industry.